Frequently Asked Questions

1- When and where will the events of Sri Prem Baba take place in Europe? Click here to see the details of the event in sections: Lisbon and Madrid.

2- How can I guarantee that I will have a spot in the events? Only through registering. Registrations as well as payments will be made exclusively on the registration page.

3 – Will tickets for the events be available onsite? If you want to be sure to have your place in the events, please make sure to register on the registration page. This goes also for the events that are purely by donation.

It will be possible to get tickets onsite only if the events aren’t sold out. There are limited spots and already many people interested, so we suggest to secure your place sooner than later to guarantee your spot.

4 – The Public Talks are for free, but should I sign up in advance? Yes. The Public Talks in Lisbon and Madrid are for free (by donation) but must be booked via the platform on the registration page. You need to bring the registration voucher to the event.

5 – Is it possible to make my donation during the events? Yes. Donations are very welcome! (Suggested amount: € 10 or more)

6- Can I take my children to the events? All children will be welcomed at the Awaken Mantras and at the Book Signing events. For the Public Talk and Workshop as they are deep works, we ask your kindness and understanding to leave your youngest ones at home:

Public Talk: minimum age 10 years.
Workshop: minimum age 12 years.

7 – I do not speak Portuguese or Spanish, will there be translation during the events? Yes! In Lisbon, the Public Talk and the workshop will be translated into English.

In Madrid the events will be translated into Spanish. English translation will be available by headphones, but only to those who request in advance it on the registration page. Please bring your ID as a safety voucher for the headphones.

8 – If I am late, will I be able to participate in the Public Talk and Workshop? No. When the events start, the doors will close. We will keep this strict for the simple reason that it is a deep work where silence is important. We count on your understanding and your ability to organize yourself to arrive in advance and start the process with presence and tranquility.



Public Talk in Lisbon (2/6): The auditorium will be open at 14:30. At 16:30, the doors will close.

Workshop in Lisbon (3/6): The auditorium will be open at 8:00. At 9:30, the doors will close.

Public talk in Madrid (9/6): The auditorium will be open at 17:00. At 18:00, the doors will close.

Workshop in Madrid (10/06): The auditorium will be open at 9h. After 10am the doors will close.

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